Reign of Winter

Journal of Sterfulpuff Gorbelduff (Kenneth Hufflepuff)
400 years after the rescue of Baba Yaga
It feels like just yesterday when we jumped head long into a journey of saving Baba Yaga. I left my home in the Mwangi desert and went to a place know as Taldor. I had never been outside of he jungle till then and little did i know that this would become one of the greatest feats in the world along with one adventure to add to my list of adventures. I met many a friend from a simple town drunk to a man who worships God to a granddaughter of Baba Yaga. I also faced many enemies including the daughter and son of Baba Yaga. I will not bore you with the details of the entire journey but will instead revel to you the places that we went and the vast distance we traveled in just a few short months.

Leaving Taldor we headed towards Wallsby in Irrisen and eventually to Whitethrone itself. From there we entered the Dancing Hut and left for Iobaria and the lands of centaurs. From there we made it to Artrosa and explored the great statues made by Baba Yaga. This is when our journey took a most unexpected turn and we left our planet completely. We settled in an unknown place known as Traxxius. This planet was strange and inhabited by some creatures we knew and some creatures we had never met. This however was not the last stop we would make nor was it the only other planet we would teleport to. From Traxxius we jumped planets again and landed on a place called Earth. Somewhere in a place called Russia we fought many humans using guns that we have never seen before. This is where we fought and killed the first of two children Baba Yaga, he was known as Rasputin. After many hard fights and some challenging foes we finally defeated the enemy known as Rasputin and unlocked a door to a realm that was infinite and unimaginable. We were not alone though because we were accompanied by an imprisoned Grandmother Yaga. We also meet a Fate in this world known as Vigliv. From her we learned how to free Baba and we left on our journey to gather her fate, power, death, life and blood. With the completion of gathering these five things and killing her daughter Elvanna we freed Baba Yaga who then granted all of us different boons depending on what we asked. Bjorn asked for her to be kinder to the children of people that had nothing to do with the decision they made in angering Grandmother. Throndran asked to be returned to a dwarf as he had been killed and reincarnated as a goblin. Keven asked to become an archon of God to spread his word in Golarion. Zoya asked to help her remove the rest of Elvanna’s blood and in return she was granted the crown to rule for 100 years. I asked to become her rider so as to herald her return and make sure things didn’t go wrong. For 100 years nothing happened and life was good in the realm of Golarion.

After her return Baba granted Zoya her wish to become more powerful and live out her life as an immortal. I was given the ability to explore the world and continue on learning and living out my life. I have traveled to many lands and explored many places. I continue to meet many people and learn what i need from different cultures. I leave this journal to whoever can find it and with it i leave a portal to the worlds. In the next hundreds of pages you will find that I have mapped out how to use the portal and what it leads to in each location. I only ask that whoever takes this in my place to continue to fill this with knowledge of what you learn. Remember that with this great power also comes many powerful foes and allies that will either aid or try to prevent you from what you seek. But if times become to hard or you find the challenges to tough remember that the gods themselves will always watch over you and that you can continue on if you have the faith to believe in yourself and them. Be careful and have many adventures to add to your own journal.

- Sterfulpuff Gorbelduff (Kenneth Hufflepuff)

The remaining pages are filled with notes and locations of each places visited and where the portal will take you if used.
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